Bay leaf

Bay leaf – Flush the bay leaf in the house and see what’s going to happen in just 10 minutes.

The laurel leaf you all have in the house. But you certainly did not know that it can be used as well.

The laurel has been used as a herbal plant for thousands of years. The ancient Greeks and Romans have considered this plant as sacred.

Itis well-known that the Olympic winners thrilled their heads with the laurelian veins. The symbolic meaning of this mythical plant was honor and glory.

All the qualities attributed to this plant say that laurel was very important to our ancestors, so there must be reasons for it.

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Although today we use it mainly as a spice, the medicinal properties of leaves and berries are known to us, and the main active substances are pinen and cineol, as well as essential oils that are soothing.

The psychoactive action of laurels is described in many myths and legends. The most famous of them is the prophecy in Delphi, where they chewed the bay leaf to see the future.

Essential oils and other active substances from the laurels are soothing, and all you have to do is burn a leaf into the ashtray, leave the room and return after 10 minutes. The room will be full of fragrances that will make relaxing and soothing to all the locals.

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As a herbal plant, laurel acts as an anti-rheumatic, antiseptic, bactericidal, diuretic, sedative, antitoxidant. It positively influences good mood. At the same time, leaves and fruit are also effective in treating hysteria, neurasthenia stomach, colds.

The laurel also contains numerous minerals: potassium, copper, manganese, calcium, selenium, iron, magnesium and zinc.

The laurel tea is used in the treatment of diseases of the organs for sores, anorexia, loss of appetite, in diabetes. For cardiovascular disorders, as well as disinfecting areas with flu viruses, colds, and various other microbes.


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