Black onion

Black onion Not only is it the inevitable ingredient of many dishes. It’s already a miracle when it comes to the treatment of some diseases and health problems! 5 ways you can use it effectively.

Black onion is a member of the allium family and is rich in sulfur-containing compounds. They are responsible for its scent, and they are also very good for preserving health. We have many benefits from the Black Port, and you will see this in the following 5 items.

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Against burns?

You must have burned at least once in your life. The next time you do this, cut a piece of onion and lean on a burn. Its natural antiseptic and sedative effect will prevent the onset of infection and subsequent scars.

The sting of the insect?

The intense aroma of the onion prevents the sting of mosquitoes. And in case you already have a stab, put your armpit on the skin and prevent unbearable itching.

Painin the ear?

Our great-grandchildren still knew: Red bow stopped the pain in the ear. Apart from extracting wax from the ears, it releases you pain and discomfort!


Just put the onion in the sock and the high temperature will be taken as a hand!

Kidneys In case their function is compromised!

Detoxificationof the organism?

Sulfur compounds prevent the clotting and formation of platelets of the platelets. These sulfur compounds, in addition, lower the level of cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood. Improve the functioning of the cell membrane of red blood cells. Black onions can also prevent some heart diseases.

Black onion has proven to neutralize bacteria and is an inevitable part of the treatment against bacteria and influenza viruses!

It has been proven that black onion reduces the risk of disease from some types of cancer. Even when consumed ,moderately. The bow reduces the risk of colorectal cancer and ovarian cancer. Eat more onions if you want to protect yourself, do not avoid it. In every dish you can put at least one bow.

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