Body – This simple test will show how much your body is really old and how much your liver is healthy.

Our task is to keep health healthy since childhood, and the better we care about it, we will be healthier, we will live longer and be more active and more mobile.

Experts often suggest that our body may be older than we have years. A free test will show you how much your body is really old. Take a little warm before you do this exercise that will give you an answer. Lightly bend forward and try to touch the floor or toes on your feet.

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If you can touch under your fists without bending your knees, your muscles are quite elastic and your body is between 20 and 25 years old.

with slightly bending your knees and without pain, then your body is 25 to 38 years old. If you can touch the upper part of your feet and your knees are bent, then your muscles are quite inflexible. Do you have the feeling that you are barely waiting to correct yourself? Then the age is from 38 to 50 years old.

The body older than 50 years as those who can not touch their feet, and the more they bend, the more bending and knee bending. It’s a very unpleasant feeling to be in this position, so we advise you to start stretching exercises as soon as you can in order to expand.

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To improve your position and flex your muscles, stretch yourself slowly. Every day, as often as possible, you will notice the results in a month. Tibetan sages emphasize that the age of a person depends on the condition in which the liver is.

Which is directly related to flexibility. Everyone knows that the sedentary way of life affects negatively both on mobility and on organs. Bending and stretching 30 times a day, your ligaments will be stronger. The best news is that you can improve your flexibility regardless of how old you are.


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