Brown Rice

Brown Rice – Take as many spoons of this drink as you are in age and you will no longer have problems with your back, neck, and joints!

It is clear that all toxins in the body produce waste and it is important to remove toxins and their waste from time to time. There are various methods of detoxification and purification of the organism. None is as effective as detoxification with brown rice. Take as many spoons of brown rice as you age. Wash and pour into a glass jar. Fill the jar with warm water, close the lid and leave in the fridge.

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In the morning, process the water, take one full spoon of brown rice and cook for 3-4 minutes without salt in regular water.

Eat it on an empty stomach, best in the morning.

Pour the remaining rice over with boiling water and leave in the fridge until the next morning. Repeat the process every day until you consume all the rice from the jar. The secret is that brown rice has a crystal structure. When grains are dried, starch is removed and cells appear. Brown rice varies in the intestines, not in the stomach, so that its grains act as absorbents. In this way, the hoses, blood vessels, joints and other parts of the body are released from toxins, heavy metals and other harmful substances.

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Cleansing the body with rice helps normalize metabolism and regulates body weight. After this treatment you will feel both healthier and younger. There is only one condition, after you bring brown rice in the morning, you should not drink or eat anything for the next 3 hours. After this detoxification all pain in the back, neck and joints disappears. The effects of treatment do not appear immediately but gradually. After two weeks, the body’s purification begins. Toxins begin to go through the urine and the stool, which you will notice by the color of the urine that will become mutant. After that you will feel nicer and younger. Do not forget to put a lot of fluids, at least 2 liters a day. The best source of fluid is water and green tea.


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