Cancerous drink – Primary warns!

Cancerous drink – Did you know that we consciously drink a cancerous charcoal drink !? Here’s what’s all about coffee!

The benefits of coffee are a bit. This is a list of bad things that cage is applied to our body.

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Here’s what’s all about coffee!

The benefits of coffee are a bit, and this is a list of bad things that coffee is pouring on our body. (Cancerous)
Many of us can not imagine the morning without a cup of coffee … Is this very wise and what’s all about “doing” coffee, we asked experts.

There are many who can not imagine a morning without coffee. Most people do not stop at that first morning, but continue to skim on the skull during the day.

We enjoy it so, carefree, in the smell and aromas, the coffee is smashed, cheerful … When somebody remarks to us that we might need a little to reduce the mood, we call on scientific studies that indicate that coffee has a positive impact on health.

What is true of all this, and if the café is not “healthy”, it is at least “innocent”, reveals the primacy.

People who enjoy coffee, actually enjoy caffeine, which is a poisonous plant base and is classified as a drug. How much caffeine is harmful and unjustifiable is clear when you consider that it is on the “weights” of weight loss on the fifth place after heroin, nicotine, cocaine and alcohol ”

The harm of coffee is enhanced by thermal treatment. Coffee is light colored. After frying at a temperature of more than 280 degrees, carbon bonds are broken in the grain structure, coffee buds, and cancerous compounds are formed. Coffee is the only food we are “normal” to use in the diet for charcoal.
Does the coffee can shake us off? Scientists have answered whether this is myth or truth!

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When you get osteoporosis, thank you for the coffee.
Caffeine in the body remains between 68 and 72 hours, it prevents the use of calcium and magnesium from food. The bones are constantly regenerated because they have two types of cells. One breaks down and others form new structures of bone tissue. Thus bones are continually adjusted to their load and effort. Since coffee blocks blocking calcium from foods, new structures that are produced are of poor quality and bone density decreases. Women only feel it when they go into menopause. Since calcium is then lost physiologically, and if the reserves are too small, the matter is even worse. So there is a contribution to statistics that says that every third woman and every seventh man today have osteoporosis.

Is caffeine-free caffeine less evil, at least for those who can not give up?

“In coffee beans, besides caffeine, there are more than 800 volatile ingredients. Caffeine without caffeine does not exist. It is possible to only reduce the incidence of caffeine in the coffee. But to reduce the caffeine content, coffee is treated in different ways. One of the methods is, say, a grain of uric acid. This reduces the percentage of caffeine, but the caffeine becomes acidic and causes more frequent gastritis ”

“Coffee is, therefore, a poison that people put in voluntarily. But it also increases the craving for other poisons, which proves the behavior of the smoker. Do you know the smoker who does not drink coffee? Which with the coffee will not burn a single, deny often two cigarettes, because one does not go without the other? ”

True to the will, we can not set anyone who generally smokes and does not smoke with coffee …

The first morning coffee cup shakes us and improves our mood?

“Caffeine after the first siphon, like all other drugs, reaches the center of brain satisfaction within a few seconds. It increases levels of beta endorphins, a natural” opium “, a hormone that causes a sense of friendliness. At the same time, the caffeine also affects the adrenal glands because of its endorphism, the body has no way of feeling that the hormone of stress has just been thrown in the bloodstream. Because of this covert stress it shakes, and we have the impression that we are suddenly better moody, alert and full of energy. ”

Coffee before breakfast: Here’s why this is a bad idea!

Is there a “safe” amount of coffee

Studies at the University of Columbia say that harmful effects are beginning to occur if more than 20 milligrams of caffeine are injected daily. One bottle has between 80 and 120 milligrams, depending on the type of coffee.

When we drink coffee, then, we achieve what we wanted, but at the cost of the unnecessary stress we exposed to the organism.

“The caffeine also acts on the heart, because when we eat a mug, the heart rhythm remains disturbed for the next three hours, and that is the state in which the heart lies after eating coffee is a state that never comes naturally. sympathetic and parasympathic fibers, ordering their hearts to move and stand at the same time, so the heart after the cafe for hours is in a state of tensions that can not be said. ”

Coffee is the enemy of the dream

“Coffee brewing products are among the” culprits “for dysplasia (changes) in breast tissue. The shape and firmness of the breasts depend on the elastic fibers of the skin, for which the coffee is pernicious. In addition, your teeth and your teeth are yellow. ”

The only worst of the coffee is – coffee with milk

“Adding milk to coffee is a big mistake: casein, milk protein, and caffeine produce a compound that can not be broken down by an organism, so those who drink coffee with milk are more likely to have problems with soreness, swelling …”

If after this I always stand out of coffee, what should I do tomorrow morning when I wake up?

“Just as fast and efficiently as a strong coffee, but without all of these negative effects, you will wake up with freshly squeezed fruit juice rich in vitamin C, so pickled lemon, pomegranate, kiwi, strawberries, raspberries, currants … It’s not bad either to take a glass of lemonade with honey, and a good choice is also a cup of hot chocolate ”

“Coffee is Cancerous drink”


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