Cayenne hot peppers

Cayenne hot peppers – How to save yourself from a heart attack in just 1 minute?

Did you know that you can save yourself from a heart attack in just a minute with cayenne hot peppers? Make sure you have at least one cayenne hot pepper in your kitchen. You never know if you might need it. US expert Dr. Christopher did not lose any of the patients due to a heart attack in his 35-year career. This is because he gives all his patients a cup of tea from cayenne hot peppers while they are still conscious.

Aromatic hot pepper helps with a heart attack because it owns even 90,000 Scales on a scale of anger. In addition to these peppers, a good solution is the habanero pepper, tai chi, African bird, halapenjo, but also many others. A spoonful of peppers should be poured into a glass of water and given to patients who have suffered a heart attack while they are still aware and breathing. If a person is unconscious, it is necessary to put a few drops of extract of hot peppers under the patient’s language. This will increase the pulse and spread the blood into all parts of the body, balancing the circulation and helping the heart recover.

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Here’s what you need to do in the case of a heart attack:

Quail hot peppers in powder.

A pai of fresh cayenne hot peppers

50% alcohol (you can use vodka)

Glass bottle of liter



Be sure to put the gloves because the cayenne hot peppers are very hot.

Fill a quarter of a bottle of cayenne with hot pepper powder and pour enough alcohol to cover dust.

Sprinkle a couple of fresh cayenne peppers and add enough alcohol to mix the texture of the sauce.

Add this mixture to a bottle that should now be ¾ full.

Fill the bottle with alcohol to the top and close it well. Leave it standing for about a month. Shake the bottle several times during the day. After a month, mix the procedures with a gauze and keep in the dark bottle. If you want a stronger tincture, process it after 3 months. The mixture can not be broken and you can keep it as long as you want.

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5-10 drops of tincture to be given to a conscious patient who has experienced a heart attack or a stroke. After 5 minutes, give it another 5-10 drops. Repeat the process until the patient’s condition improves. If the patient is out of the consciousness, place 1 to 3 drops of tincture under the tongue and start KPR (reanimation). Repeat the process every 5 minutes until the patient’s condition improves. Health benefits of cayenous peppers: Antifungal properties ,It works favorably on digestive system stimulating the production of gastric juices. Releasing gases ,Anticancer properties, especially in lung and liver cancer. It helps to cope with stomach problems. Migraine, symptoms of influenza, allergy, obesity, toothache and arthritis. It contains many different nutrients including calcium, zinc, selenium, magnesium. But vitamins A and C. Prepare this medicine and keep it safe at your fingertips and you will never have to worry about a heart attack.


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