Coca Cola Destroys the body in only 65 minutes!

Coca Cola

Coca Cola After reading this, you will probably never drink Coca Cola again. Here’s what happens in your body 65 minutes after you drink a glass of this carbonated drink. In the first 10 minutes there is a strong energy intensity in the body. That there is no phosphoric acid in this drink. Excessive amount of sugar would most likely cause vomiting.

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In the next 20 minutes, while the body is resisting overdose with sugar.

Insulin is released into the bloodstream, and the liver begins to convert sugar into fat. After 40 minutes. Our body completely absorbs Caffeine from Coca Cola. And blood pressure increases due to increased blood glucose levels. Our brain blocks adenosine receptors, preventing drowsiness. After 45 minutes there is increased dopamine production. Hormone that stimulates the center for pleasure in the brain. Some drugs like heroin are similar to the organism.

An hour after the introduction of Coca Cola. Phosphoric acid accelerates the metabolism by binding to calcium, zinc and magnesium in the intestines. Then the diuretic effect of caffeine begins to appear. Calcium is extracted from the bones and gets into the urine. This process weakens the bones. Magnesium, zinc, sodium and potassium also leave the organism this way. In the 65th minute, there is a decrease in sugar in the body, which leads to vigilance and nervousness.

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As the organism suddenly remains without caffeine and sugar, there is a feeling of strong fatigue. Regular consumption of Coca Cola can surely lead to obesity and hypertension. The artificial sweeteners found in it, like aspartam, just further increase thirst. Large amounts of artificial sweeteners can lead to nervous disorders and the development of mental illnesses. Perhaps you should consider these facts the next time you get the desire to drink Coca Cola.


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