Herbal Tissues – Natural Aphrodisiacs with EFFECTS!

Herbal Tissues

Herbal Tissues: Natural Aphrodisiacs with EXPLOSIVE EFFECTS

Before the development of the pharmaceutical industry, many were using natural fruits to boost love wishes. Nature has always offered its “viagru” – free of charge.

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ARTICHOKE – Herbal Tissues

Vitamin C and bituminous cinaropirkin substances found in artichokes activate sexual glands in men and women, hence producing more sex hormones. Many men and women who take health-related reasons to reduce cholesterol, take high-dose dried pharmaceuticals based on articulate leaves, have noted that these substances increase their sexual desire.

AVOCADO – Herbal Tissues

The Old Mexican People The Asteci were so confident in the aphrodisiac abilities of the avocado as a sexual stimulant that young women were kept in the house as long as the fruits were burnt. And there seems to be something like this: Avocado is rich in magnesium (for energy), unsaturated fat (for heart) and vitamin E. To boost aphrodisiac avocado quality, prepare a simple Mexican avocado sauce and seasoning called guacamole: mix avocado with a spoonful of lemon juice, then add a spoonful of chopped garlic. Serve with sticks of freshly sliced ​​carrots and celery, vegetables that the ancient Romans also considered as aphrodisiacs.

ALMOND – Herbal Tissues

Badmies have long been associated with fertility: it is assumed that their scent excites women, and they were often used in weddings. Badem contains nutrients that are thought to be essential for improving the sex life. For example, 28 grams of almond provides 35 percent of the recommended daily dose (RDA) of vitamin E, which affects the degree of fertility and function of the sexual organs. They also contain high levels of magnesium, phosphorus and zinc minerals, of which zinc stimulates libido in men. If used regularly, it boosts male strength. Precious Oriental Recipe: First, rinse any almond seed in honey or pear spice.


Folk medicine recommends the enjoyment of basil tea as a means of stimulating sexual drive. Basil acts as an aphrodisiac, stimulating sexual power. In addition to tea, for the aforementioned purposes, the basil can be (fresh or dried) taken as a spice or a supplement of dishes: salads, meat and fish. The more basil, the man’s sexual power will be greater, our people say.

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For better potency in men, celery was used in ancient Rome. The Romans have celestial devotion to their own sexuality of Pluto. The action is attributed to the essential oils contained therein, and above all the androsterone, the male sex hormone that stimulates the sex drive in women. Because of this, celery in some countries is used in large quantities in salads.


Zinc and molybdenum are in large quantities contained in the white port, which in the Middle Ages was also called the “arch of love.” The main substance, alicin, increases blood flow to the sex organs. The problem presents many unpleasant odor scents, so it is desirable that this natural means is used by both partners at the same time. PROPOSAL: leave the comb of white fish to spend in the honey, and then bake it well. White-port preparations can be purchased in pharmacies but the effect can only be expressed after long-term use.


More plowmen were occasionally chasing and chewing sage leaves (sage) before entering the harbor and thus increasing sexual potential.


A loving drink containing cocoa is guaranteed no undesirable effects. Is completely harmless and pleasant. PROPOSAL: sprinkle the coconut coconut in a pan, then smear it and mix it with a fist of corn flour and 100 ml of warm water. Short boil, add to the top of the chili paprika powder, teaspoon cinnamon, three pear beans, a little vanilla and honey as desired.


And fragrances can activate a sweet, such as the scent of rose petals, lavender oil or rosemary. PROPOSAL: place 30 drops on a piece of damp wadding, so leave it on the plate in the room where you are with your partner.


For a more pleasant intimate experience, some fruit will be of great benefit, for example, an orange that contains large amounts of plant hormones, especially estragon, and has a beneficial effect on the increase in the love desire of women.


Two centuries ago, in Scottish men’s clubs, it was a secret weapon to strengthen the potency. Men three hours before the planned love act, they chewed three tablespoons of raw chopped parsley leaves.

NETTLE SEED – herbal tissues

At the break last and last century, the Hungarians discovered a new power-enhancing means. And that’s quite accidental. Hungarian hunter traders were feeding old horses with a mixture of honey and seedlings, to make animals look more powerful and lively. It turned out, however, that the horses were soon transformed into real breeding pests. The doctors then conducted various experiments with the timeless men and achieved sensational results. The carcasses of saponids and substances contained in the coffin have made a miracle about the potency.


This spring vegetable acts positively on male potency. It was sometimes called “sensual wands”. The secret of asparagus is in the richness of zinc and molybdenum.(an oligoelement that participates in metabolism, especially in the mechanisms of detoxification and cleansing of the organism) There is asparagine acid that enhances their effect on sexual potential.


In larger doses it also positively affects potency. Success can be achieved by regularly taking wheat cakes in salads or in a mule, at least two tablespoons a day.


Priest and herbalist Sebastian Kneipp, advised men who had problems with the potential to drink tea from green teeth. In response to viagra, US scientist dr. Mellssa Harolan From Texas came the idea to make an extract from a mixture of nettle and green teeth in a particular relationship. The active substances of both these products have been well-supplemented. A multiple-week treatment with this extract for many men regained self-confidence. The extract is now produced in capsules and sold in pharmacies around the world.


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