Hippocrates soup

Hippocrates soup is a very simple, but extremely healing soup of vegetables. It is known in the world as a delicious meal. It helps in the prevention and treatment of many diseases with a special emphasis on carcinogenic diseases. The highest values ​​are attributed to her abilities to strengthen immunity, detoxification and kidney enhancement. It is believed that this soup was invented by the Hippocrates as early as 2,500 years ago. The doctor of Doctors and the \father of medicine\, according to which she was named. At the beginning of the last century, a German physician, Dr. Max Gerson. He took part in a special food program that was presented to the public in 1932 under the name of Gerson’s therapy.

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After that, the voice of the Hippocratic Soup as a strong ally of health began to spread throughout the world.

In addition to healing, he also consumes as a regular meal for the prevention of disease and the preservation of the health of the whole organism.

An important link in the treatment of Gerson’s method.

Gerson’s therapy is a treatment method based on a special diet and regular cleansing of the body. Twenty-year-old Dr Max Gerson began to develop this therapy. With the goal of reducing and controlling his own severe migraine headaches. It is quite accidentally discovered. Appropriate amounts of nutrients in combination with increased detoxification are effective lenses and tuberculosis of the skin. After the tuberculosis of the skin, efficacy has been detected in other forms of tuberculosis.

But in other health problems:

Allergy; ,high and low blood pressure; ,kidney disease; ,atherosclerosis; ,multiple sclerosis; ,autoimmune diseases; ,cancer. Hippocrates soup is one of the key factors in the effectiveness of Gerson therapy. Apart from consuming this soup / soup. Its method of treatment includes sipping of juices from carrots, apples and oranges, and green juices made from cabbage and other vegetables. In addition to a special diet during therapy, daily cleansing of the body is carried out by a cyst from the coffee. According to the creator of this therapy, Dr. Max Gerson, but also according to the acknowledgments of many health professionals, such a diet can strengthen immunity. Eliminate damage to the cells and allow the body to cure completely.

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Hippocrates soup – guidelines, ingredients and preparation.

As a healthy meal, this soup can be consumed once a day. However, for medicinal purposes as part of Gerson therapy, it is mandatory to recommend two portions of soup per day. In order to save time and effort, you can prepare soup in quantities in two days, that is, for four portions.

Hippocrates soup has the strongest benefits if the following rules are observed during preparation:

It is necessary to cook the soup on light fires with as little water as possible. The cookware must be coated in order to prevent the evaporation of the useful ingredients. It is forbidden to use aluminum dishes, and the use of silverware is recommended for meals. Many spices can cancel the performance of the soup and only the following spices in small quantities are recommended: pimento, laurel, coriander, caper, chimpanzee, fennel, nutmeg, oregano, rosemary, saffron, sage, acid, cobbler, estragon and thyme. The savage, garlic, onion and parsley are allowed in large quantities.


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