Horseradish burns fat!

Horseradish This drink immediately burns fat that is difficult to remove!

The main cause of excessive fat tissue around the stomach is the so-called lymphatic sinus syndrome. It slow down the process of burning fat and slow down detoxification.

The answer lies in this home-made drink, which should be used as a breakfast substitute. It is very easy to make.

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Horseradish contains vitamins B group and various minerals: potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, silicon. Horses is a natural antibiotic with strong antibacterial activity, and has been used in ancient medicine for the strengthening of immunity and against coughing, pulmonary diseases and in general infection. Syrup from horseradish horseradish with honey, propolis and anise seed is recommended as one of the best natural syrups for treating lung diseases.

Horseradish stimulate the work of the liver, pancreas, intestines and stomach.

In spring, young horseradish leaves can be added to salads. The root can be practiced all year, and they say that the best time for this fall.


125 grams of horn

3 lemons (before use, place them in a bowl full of water with a teaspoon of 10 minutes – this sprays pesticides).
3 honey pots.

pot the dough in the blender and well rinse it. Seed the uncooked lemon slices, remove the seeds and put them in a blender. Blend again until you get the same mixture. Then add three honey pots and blend once again. Keep the drink in a glass jug in a cool place like a fridge. Drink one serving spoon twice a day during three weeks.

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What are health benefits?

The horn of the plant is known for its beneficial effect on health. He has been used as a hell for hundreds of years. It contains 10 times more broccoli glucose syrup, so you do not need a bigger amount to have a positive health effect.


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