Jogging –  Do you run in winter too?

Jogging – Do you run in winter too? Here are some things you should know!?

Who says winter is the only option for a gym or, worse, no exercise at all? If you are an open-minded, there is no reason to do your cardio training in the open. All you need is to follow some of the tips we bring to you.

Half an hour of running will burn between 270 and 500 calories, depending on your potato, but also the shape you are in. That’s why running is one of the most popular cardio exercises. However, by coming to colder days, we usually close in their homes waiting for spring because “winter can not run”. Kinesiologists say there is no particular difference in running in the winter and summer except that running winter can have a small advantage:

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Because we will work harder to get warm and keep warm, cardio training will be more successful.

Winter does not have to end the end of your enjoyment in nature. Read how to enjoy winter fun.

Required equipment

When it comes to dressing, let’s mind you two things, comfort and grip. Even though it’s cold outside, too much clothes will just annoy you because you’ll be warming up in 10 minutes anyway.

The clothes should be of material such as merino wool or cotton mixed with polyester and spandex. You should have three layers of clothing:

The layer needs to be most adhered to the skin, but it is absolutely inadequate to protect it from the cold will serve you as a perfect insulation, but still will not protect it well enough since the windmill should be a windmill for running

All layers should be relatively light to allow your body to breathe because of too much clothing you will quickly sweat and you do not want it at all in cold winter temperatures.

As for the shoes you should wear, wear the shoes you wear all year round. Only now you should have winter, the best wool, socks. Also, other garment accessories are a cap, gloves, as well as a scarf. Only the one who is specialized in running and with whom you will be able to breathe properly.

Lightweight training which you will able to work out all winter!

Must run

As usual, simple precautions will effectively ensure your safety. If you have problems with the respiratory system and the risk of an attack increases when it is cold outside. You should always carry the inhalation pump with you while running.

Also, do not start jogging. Heat in the heat. A few minutes before going to the run, warm up home by simply skipping the rope or, for example, short racing down the stairs.

Let the drivers know you are in your training. Shorter days are out there. You should, for your safety and other people’s safety, wear striking reflective tags – vests, lamps, and so on.


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