Laurel leaf Helps when cleaning the body!

Laurel leaf


In addition to its well-known use in culinary purposes, it is also known for its numerous benefits. The most important of all is the ability to cure inflammatory processes throughout the body.

Who does not know the specific aroma that a leaf of a laurel can give a pot of goulash, broth, soup …?

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A strong spice, as well as a decorative plant whose wreaths in the antique roasted winners. The Scots from Asia Minor later spread to Asia and the Mediterranean.

You can add fresh or dried leaves to the jelly. For drying, choose larger, firm and shiny leaves that have extremely dark green color. Dry them in shade. So dried can be kept for a year, well-sealed in glass, in a dry and dark place. Do not hold them in metal or plastic containers because they can change the taste of the list.

From arthritis to heart health

In addition to the well-known use in culinary, laurel (lat. Laurus nobilis) is well-known for its numerous health benefits. Among the most important is the ability to reduce inflammatory processes throughout the body. We can thank her for a unique phytonutrient, parthenolide, which is able to quickly reduce inflammation and discomfort when applied externally to the affected parts of the body, such as the painful joints affected by arthritis. Such an effect can be expected even with the regular use of the laurel leaf in the dishes.

Laurel leaf as a diuretic strongly encourages urination, thus cleansing the body. It may also stimulate vomiting if we eat something poisonous. The laurel leaf constituents calm the irritated stomach and relieve the symptoms of irritable bowel, even celiac.

Unique enzyme from the laurel leaf facilitates digestion and absorption of nutrients.

Bioflavonoid routine and caffeic acid, also a part of the laurel leaf, are important for heart health.

Routine strengthens capillary walls. Caffeic acid helps lower the level of so-called. bad, LDL, cholesterol in the blood.

Smokers This beverage will clean your lungs!

A unique combination of antioxidants and other ingredients in laurel leaves, including phytonutrients, catechins, linalools and partenolids, helps protect the organism from the bad influence of free radicals. They can, in turn, cause the mutation of the healthy cells in the cancerous membrane. It is capable of preventing such a process.

And for beauty

● The laurel leaves can be directly linked to enhancing the function of the insulin receptors.Time also with the regulation of blood sugar levels. People who are at risk of developing diabetes, but also those who are already suffering from this disease. Renewed consumption of Laurel leaves can help to significantly reduce the risk of leakage changes in blood sugar levels.

● Essential oil of laurel leaves can be applied to the chest to help alleviate various respiratory problems. Equally effective will be the warm dressing made with the leaves of the laurel. It is recommended to put it on the chest and hold it overnight. Inhalation works similar to helping to release dangerous bacteria from the respiratory tract.

● Do you want to improve the condition of the hair and get rid of the dandruff. Wash the laurel leaves in water and rub this water on the scalp after shampooing. Volatile ingredients from the laurels help eliminate vermin and dry skin recovery.

● The laurel linalool alcohol helps lower the levels of stress hormones in the body, especially in aromatherapy applications. Excessive stress hormones can endanger your health in the long run. Lupine laurel helps to calm down and stay relaxed and in unpleasant situations.

● When taking laurels, caution is necessary because it may be too strong for people with sensitive digestive organs. Pregnant women and children should not take it. If skin irritation is caused by external application, the preparation should be diluted.


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