Meat – Since the World Health Organization has announced that this food can cause cancer. Anxiety settled in every house. We bring you a quick guide to avoid the hazards that are hidden in your favorite food.

We are investigating in which cases bacon, sausages, virgins, pates and honeycombs should never be put into the basket!

In order for you to know what to buy, remember these helpful advice from veterinary medicine doctor Miroslav Stojsic. Former Federal Veterinary Inspector. It is most important that we read declarations. The first reason not to buy sausages, virgins and salami is if the declaration is labeled MSM.

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This means that the meat is mechanically separated.

Bone dressed, in which all antibiotics, hormones, heavy metals and other poisons were eaten by animals during their lifetime. The same applies when you find on the declaration the emulsifiers of nitrite labeled E249, E250, E251 and E252. They are harmful because with amino acids from the flesh they create a carcinogenic compound nitrosamine.

Now return it to the sausage shelf, virgle, salami and pate.

If you notice the polyphosphates that are marked E451, E452 and E453 on the declaration. Because they are genotoxic or folk, they damage our genes. Take special care that you do not eat any E407-containing product as marking carrageenan. He adheres to the walls of the intestine, creates wounds that can then turn into colon cancer, \Stojsic warned. If you have read that some of the products contain a glutamate enhancer, this is evidence that there is no meat in it.

All I referred to refers to permanent and semi-finished dry products.

When is the meat concerned?

If you are buying pork hooks, pay attention to whether the meat is sprinkled with fat or not. If so, these animals are not so poorly fed. If there are no grams of white fat, and the vodka leaks out of it, evidence is that pigs, along with food, have been given growth hormone and antibiotics.

Magnesium- treats blood pressure and immunity!

The storage of meat should be so that it does not burn.

In this overgrown mass, a compound of dioxin, which is carcinogenic, appears. It is best to cook it, burn it in foil in oven or teflon, in oil, and may also be electric grill. If one likes the smell of smoke, he can bake flesh and barbecue on coal. Keeping in mind that the meat is placed on the grid when the coal stops to smoke. When a strong jar is created, \explains Dr. Stojsic. He warns that children should certainly not be given the products. Especially not pate and virchel. In the end, you can make patches with a little effort on your own! Dr Stojsic says that we open four eyes when we buy bacon. You’ve seen fat bacon that, when cut, has parts that look like gelatin or some gel.

Do not eat that.

This means that it has injected 30 percent of its weight of so-called salamura. It is a solution of nitrite salt in water into which soybean proteins, polyphosphates, carrageenan, vitamin C and sugar are added! All that you have read in the declarations in sausages, sausages, salami and other products. This bacon is harmful to health. If it is packed, it should write on its declaration what contains salamura. But nobody adheres to it, \he explained.


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