Money – If at the beginning of the spring you put these things in the house – Money will accumulate.

Once you know where your feng shui area is, it’s time to create good energy in it

The Feng Shui area is linked to money, financial prosperity, and abundantly occupies the southeast part of your home or office.

Once you know where your feng shui money is, time is to create good energy in it.
When the area of ​​money has the right energy, your house or office is able to attract and retain the energy of wealth and money. This will definitely reflect on your life, so make sure you apply the following tips.

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The Feng Shui element of wealth is wood, and you know tree is strengthened by water, which favors wood and soil and which provides a solid foundation for growth.

The decor of your home or office in the area of ​​money should express those elements.

Here are 8 steps to get the most out of these elements in your area of ​​money:

1. Healthy, lush green plants, such as Japanese wood of coin, happy bamboo and air-purifying plants, or any plant that is strong and which will thrive in line with lighting in the area.

2. Water, mirror or water features. If you are imaginative enough, you can install the entire fountain in the money zone, it will be a great feng shui. The mirrors are great for the money field, and you can easily skew the image with a shallow waterfall, lake, etc. Make sure the water is clean and running.

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3. Highlight the specific forms in this area. Each feng shui element is expressed in certain shapes so that you can achieve the desired energy with shapes such as: rectangles (wood), squares (earth), waves (water). These can be folded, picture frames, fabrics or wallpaper. These shapes will bring good energy to the area.

4. Pictures of forests, parks or wild greenery will bring good wood energy, You can also sketch pictures with interesting soil formations, from the pebble beach to the mountain and the canyon that will represent the earth.

5. Choose the best feng shui colors to shape the area of ​​money, which can be walls, fabrics or decor. You have a variety of colors such as: green, brown, blue, black and light yellow.

Also, you can add a little red to activate the area.

6. Decorate the area with images that abound. You can choose something modern or a picture that represents an abundance and splendor for you.

7. Think of classic Feng Shui decorations, just be sure to match your interior and truly go with you. Some of the most popular traditional feng shui decorations are: Aquarium, Chinese coins, buds, crystals, vases of fortune …

8. Keep your energy fresh and alive with the sweet smells and aromas, fresh flowers, and several candles. Keeping this area well-lightened and releasing music from time to time are excellent activators of good energy.


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