Stone –  Mysterious Space Rock “Hipathy” in Egypt DOES NOT COME WITH EARTHLY OR SOLAR SYSTEM!

Dr. Marco Andreoli, a researcher at the University of Witwatersrand, said that the latest results raise more questions about the origin of the rock. According to the latest discoveries of scientists, a stone called Hypatia. It was formed outside the solar system before the Sun existed.

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The mysterious space stone contains micro-mineral compounds. Which can not be found elsewhere in the solar system. Discovered in 1996 in southwestern Egypt. The “Hipathy” rock is without a doubt a unique pattern.

His origins have been debated for years. Scientists confirm that it did not come from any known comet or meteor. And it certainly is not from our planet. Now a team of researchers at the University of Johannesburg have discovered minerals that appear to be older than the sun. Like the confusing lack of silicate in the carbon matrix of the stone. What distinguishes it from other foreign matter that came to Earth.

The matrix contains large quantities of specific carbon components called polyaromatic hydrocarbons, ie, ,PAH. Relatively important components of star dust, which existed even before our solar system was formed. Chief Researcher Jen Cramer said.

It has also been discovered that the stone contains aluminum in a pure metal form. Something rarely found in our solar system. Unexpected shapes of silicon carbide and silver-ion phosphite are also found. Like a compound containing phosphorus and nickel but not iron.

It causes all we know about the formation of the planet. When it was first discovered that Hypatia of alien origin was a sensation. But the latest results raise even more questions about their origins. Dr Marko Andreoli said.


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