Swimming in the sea

Swimming in the sea heals and cleanses, especially your aura!

When we are depressed and tense, we bathe in warm water or lie in the tub of water and feel the tension it releases. Most of us, the ideal vacation is imagined somewhere on the sea. There is an unimaginable vacation without water and swimming in the sea . Getting into the sea water, let’s forget and forget all the problems, feel very comfortable and relaxed.

Water is a medium (element) attached to our psycho-emotional circuit and spheres of unconsciousness. It is well known that the Japanese scientist, Masaru Emoto, was engaged in water exploration. Having learned several thousand different water samples and observing their crystalline forms.

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On this occasion it was observed that water crystals react unmistakably to certain sound forms. (frequency of words or melodies) Even to the essential oil of a certain flower, the crystal of water reacted by forming the shape of this flower.

It is evident that the water easily absorbs and stores information. But we can also conclude that water is pure, original knowledge. An inseparable force that is in itself passive until it comes into contact with a particular field of information. Where it begins to behave accordingly with received information.

Water has been used to clean and release impurities from time to time. Like various rituals of spiritual healing and folk biscuits in which the teachings are taught, “to carry the urge.” Whenever water is learned various prayers, put records, etc. This water is used for drinking, bathing or cleaning the area.Swimming in the sea .

We experience diverse life experiences that remain in the reservoirs of unconscious as psycho-emotional impressions.

If we once had an unpleasant experience with a person, we wear that scar whole life. Let’s talk to that person again. And we have a very strong conviction that reminds us to hold as much as possible. How can we not burn again.

Whenever we see or think of that person. Her water body or psyche reacts with the formation of the same crystalline shapes. Good experiences lead to the creation of proper forms, such as flowers, flakes and so on. Negative experiences create crystal broken or irregular structures. As long as there is a negative reaction to a certain thought or phenomenon, it is a sign of the disturbance of the crystal structure. Depending on the distorted form (beliefs). Our physical character, facial expression, glow in the eyes, skin purity speak of the dominant shapes inside us.

Affirmation “I am happy”, “I am healthy,” “I am rich” have the purpose to cure those irregularities.

But enough people will say that they do not feel any effect of affirmation. The problem is that affirmations are presented in a totally wrong way.

We have a whole system of information inside us. We have programs, experiences, illnesses, ways of responding, defensive mechanisms. We have people in their folders – “desirable, unwanted, sympathetic, antipathy.” In our subtle psycho-emotional body they are recorded as information that could be characterized as the corresponding crystalline form. Everything on subtle levels is a matter of divine geometry. Each energy form can be numerically or geometrically characterized. Everything has its own process of creation. That is what the East Yantra is saying a lot.

When we are depressed and tense, we bathe in warm water or lie in the tub of water and feel the tension it releases.(Swimming in the sea).

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Most of us, the ideal vacation is imagined somewhere on the sea. There is no doubt a vacation without water. Getting into the sea water, let’s go and forget all the problems, feel very comfortable and relaxed.

Water is the release, release medium. Pure natural water has information about the minerals it comes into contact with which it becomes curable. Water is a passive, reactive element, as opposed to a fire that is active. Water only responds to certain information, creating the form. She does not fight, does not resist, but adopts, accepts, adjusts.

Let’s take a look at the drop of water, it does not resist anything.

It just flows and connects with other drops, forming the ocean. She is left alone and thus prolongs her life. If drops of water behaved like us, stiff and separate. We would have countless single drops that would soon be absorbed.

Since the water is a receiving element, it will easily clean the dirt. (information) In a way that it accepts itself and has the ability to equalize the irregularity.

Saltwater seawater is an ideal cleaner.

Swimming in the sea

Let’s imagine what would be going on with deadly dead sea animals or polluted rivers and sewers that flow into the sea. Water absorbs the greatest impurities and waste. The sea salt cancels all information and is an ideal energy cleaner. Our tears are salty and they are emotionally cleansed.

Spiritual healers use water in which they store certain information. Islamic religion offers a lot of different prayers and verses from the Qur’an that can be learned on the water. Then that water drinks. When we look at the literal translation of a certain prayer, it does not have a direct connection to the problem we have, but carries an unforgiving message. We may wonder how I can solve this problem by learning these prayers.

The answer is more than clear. The universe is much more intelligent than us. We have a lot of information mistakes. Because of what we hold for some unhealthy beliefs, we suffer from lack of love, etc. By learning prayers, we are working to correct such mistakes and thus we heal a complete system, not just one problem. By teaching prayer on water, we increase its vibration that reaches every cell of the organism.

On the other hand, we have different forms of “healing” of problems that are widely used.

The woman, for example, speaks to a spiritual man because his husband is cheating. This gives her water and says she sips her husband into food and drink. It does not know the content of the information stored in the water. After some time, there is a seeming improvement, but later comes back to the old. There is a much more complex problem, because fraud is just a consequence of something, not a cause.

The woman sees the mistress as the cause of her problems. See the sinning man. There is a focus shifted beyond it. There is no observation or recognition of their own mistakes and it becomes the absolute victim. The woman has the perfect alibi for hatred, intolerance, negative thoughts, with the full support of close friends. There is a lot of new information irregularities and the situation is getting worse.

Such “misguided” modes of treatment only contribute to the deterioration of the situation. However, commercial minds and spirits are largely guided by personal interests and are consciously wrongful. When the woman says that he needs to heal his mistakes and irregularities, that would not be the “stuff” that the person came and would have no financial result …

Swimming in the sea


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