Tonic – Killing every infection in your body! Ričard Šulc


Tonic – This is the most powerful natural antibiotic, killing every infection in your body!

A well-known American doctor, Ričard Šulc, picked up a prescription called Super-tonic because it helped treat many conditions.

Tinctures are one of the best natural medicines, first of all because they extract and preserve all the best of the plants.

Onthe other hand, they are very strong and should be used with care.

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Although tinctures are commonly found in alcohol, know that apple apples are also a perfect solvent if you want to make tonic tincture. Not only is 100% non-toxic, but also has many health benefits.

– Helps regulate acidity of the body

– Helps the digestive tract. If apple juice is organic and non-filtered, it contains the symbiosis of friendly colonies of bacteria and fungi that are excellent probiotics

– Sircanic acid has a strong antimicrobial action and has been shown to reduce cholesterol and helps with insulin sensitivity

– Anti-fungal, antibacterial and antiviral malic acid. Also helps to produce energy that increases mental and muscular functioning

– Strengthens the immune system

The famous doctor Ričard Šulc picked up the prescription he called Super-tonic. He emphasizes that it is necessary to use the ingredients of organic origin or to grow them yourself to extract all the positive effects.


Themore common habanero pepper (or the smallest you can find), the bark’s head, the red cap, the ginger root, the root of the eggplant and the unfermented apple juice.


Thistonic is prepared like all tinctures.Putthegrass in the bowl, pour over the apple juice, as much as it is necessary for all plants to be submerged.

Then sprinkle and finely chop the vegetables. Put all the ingredients in a large glass pan and cover it completely with apple juice, so that the juice floats three fingers above the level of plants and vegetables. Cover and hold the lid at the same place shake the toner so that it is in between.

Leave the tonic to stand in the dark at least two to six weeks. The longer it stays, it will be stronger, and occasionally it will shake it again.

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For easy storage and easy use, proceed to tincture. You will need a loose cloth – gasses or some wipes, a large bowl of stainless steel that fits in the size of the jar. If you do not have such a “tool”, you can put a cloth over the opening of the jug and pour until all the liquidity comes out, but you will lose a lot.

Place the cake in the bowl and cover the cake with a sponge. Remove the contents of the baking tray into the cake. Take something that you will press the mixture to get the remaining juices out.

You can pour the tonic into small pots or you can go back to big, previously washed. A shrunken bottle is the happiest choice because it reduces damage to light. Keep in a dark, cold place. You can freeze or add soups and other vegetables to plants and vegetables.


Once the toner is ready, you can start it with daily use.

Use it as needed – for better digestion, immunity and treatment of various diseases.

Remember, soak up very powerful grass and herbs so that the taste will be the same, so you can add a little natural honey. Make sure you drink plenty of water during the day.

One cup of 20-30 ml will be enough. However, if you are struggling with severe infections, you can take up to 5 or 6 doses per day.


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